Goldie Hawn Not So Golden

December 18th, 2008 // 11 Comments

Oh dear. If there was ever an example of the long term affects of overexposure to the sun, this would be it.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Steph

    She’s 63! Give her a break. I don’t even know anybody 63 with long hair that wears strappy dresses and sandals! This might be a valid “gross” is she was 10 years younger, but she actually looks pretty good for 63.

  2. Champagne

    Obviously this is no photoshop job — Goldie looks great for her age. It’s clear she learned a lesson from “Death Becomes Her”, because she has not lifted her face into oblivion. She looks like what a well-maintained, natural woman of 62 should be.

    You know 90% of straight men would agree — here’s a GILF for ya’!!

  3. Sarah

    I’m not so sure that’s a real suntan she’s got, but if she’s in her sixties, she still looks okay despite the unflattering angle of this photo.

  4. Martiniman

    Goldie’s never been a favorite of mine, but have to say she looks damn good here!

  5. T-Bone

    Goldie looks great for her age, actually, and it doesn’t look like she’s done the major surgery and botox thing either. Good for her!

  6. therealdana

    If she were just another 63 year old, she’d be considered pretty good-looking — (a little sun damaged, and the hippie hair adds some age, but not bad,) but unfortunately for her, everyone remembers her as the cute, young, giggly, Laugh-in girl — so any natural aging is amplified.

    Also having a beautiful, 29-year-old daughter that people make constant comparisons to makes her seem like a troll — even on her best day. ;-)

  7. Baboo

    She does not look good for a 60-whatever year old. She looks ridiculous. Leather skin, hay-bale hair, desperate clothes.

    And her face looks like she has had a stroke.

  8. Oak

    She’s in her 60′s and looking fab! She’s in great shape and looks healthy. Who won’t have sun spots and some wrinkles in their 60′s. Let’s hope we look half as good.

  9. Jilly

    Methinks someone’s jealous here.

    She looks great and has aged well.

  10. jane

    Lay off her. She looks great. Fabulous! The woman is in her sixties. She is aging beautifully, and as for the long term sun exposure statement, she has always had freckles. What the hell is wrong with you?

  11. Theresa says

    For a woman in her 60′s she is very attractive. Her belief in Buddhism and her carefree way about her has also added to her character. She is healthy and it shows. There are very few people who are that age and look half a good as Goldie. If anyone says differently then they are jealous. I think it is ridiculous the way people speak about her. She is aging beautifully and even if she did get some work done it was done tastefully. You go Goldie.

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