Golden Compass London Premiere with Nicole Kidman and Daniel Craig

OK guys, now give me a face completely devoid of emotion. Awesome, you both totally nailed it. Such professionals. Nicole Kidman and Daniel Craig were posing on the red carpet at the London premiere for their film, “The Golden Compass,” based on the British children’s book series, His Dark Materials. In the film, Nicole Kidman plays the role of villainess, Mrs. Coulter (no, the other one–just as evil, albeit unmarried) and Daniel Craig takes on the character of adventurer, Lord Asriel. Daniel Craig talked briefly about the fantastic look of the film: “It’s a bit of escapism… and the special effects have come such a long way that it’s now possible to go to places that you wouldn’t have been able to even five years ago.” But have no fear, this picture of Joan Collins is 100% real.

Photos: Getty Images

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