Golden Globe Nominee Amy Adams Wanted To Play A Bad Girl In ‘The Fighter’ And It Paid Off

Amy Adams was determined to shed her good-girl image playing a tough working-class bartender in The Fighter and now has a Golden Globe nomination to show for it. The new mom opened up in an interview with Marie Claire (and went to a pole dancing lesson!) about just how wrong we are about her!

“I did one interview when I was pregnant, and the writer said he thought people would be surprised to know that I had sex,” says Adams. But “in my 20s, boy,” she confessed, “I was a hot mess.”

She says her role in The Fighter is more similar to her true self than most of the wide-eyed and/or princess characters she’s known for.

“What’s funny is that some people who’ve seen it have said, ‘Amy, you’re finally playing yourself!'” says Adams. “It’s not that she’s like me. It’s just that she’s less naive. My other characters haven’t been tested. She has been through it.”