Gold-Digger 1, Usher’s Mama 0


Usher and his fiancee made it official in his lawyer’s office on Friday. That’s romantic. If you’ll recall, he and Tameka Foster had to cancel their previously scheduled ceremony due to an alleged scare with her pregnancy. Chins are wagging that there was also an issue with Usher’s mother. Who HATES Tameka Foster and everything she stands for.

The two reportedly exchanged vows in the office of his lawyer – a far different affair than the event planned for last weekend at music mogul L.A. Reid’s Sagaponack, N.Y., home. The couple had spent $10,000 on invitations alone, and had lined up singer Robin Thicke to perform and renowned chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten, along with Sylvia’s of Harlem, to cook.

“It would have looked amazing,” one source said of the plans.

But now they can remember this beautiful day by reminiscing about the lawyer’s letter opener, and how romantic it was to hear his secretary arguing with the UPS man. Why didn’t they just reschedule? 10K on invites? Have they heard of Itzaparty?

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