GOD SAVE THE QUEEN!!! Morrissey Walks Off Stage

We all know that Mr. Steven Patrick Morrissey is a bit of a pouf, and surely loves to take a shot or 2 in the face, tee-hee, but that must be with a whole galley of preparation and deep, ahem, breathing. Check the sure way he holds the tongue shaped Legend statue the Latin MTV Tres Los Premios award presented to Mexican band, Cafe Tacuba.

He holds the base, grips the tip, just ready to aim, point and shoot.  

I so admire a man with technique.

With that said, I am definitely sure that when Morrissey walked on stage at the Echo Arena in Liverpool, soon after making his recovery from his collapse, he expected a show where he does his part as the artist, and leaves a little bit of his soul there on the stage, and we the audience enjoy the music, and passion that makes us come together… Not a bottle of water to the head from some “fan” in the audience.  

And did I mention this show was in Liverpool?? What a way to welcome the Moz, douchey guy who probably spent a butt-load of money on his ticket. Couldn’t you have stayed home, and like, pulled the wings off of a butterfly? Or better yet, plucked every hair from your empty head and ate it, then had to drink a bottle of liquid dran-o to unclog your bowels or something? Yeah, thats what I would need from you to make up for making Morrissey walk off stage after 2 songs. Just a little Liquid dran-o.

Gallery Info:Los Premios MTV 2009 – 10/15/09

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