Go Ahead And Give Katy Perry A Big Lick!

It seems the lady loves latex. Katy Perry has been spotted in all kinds of latex dresses while promoting her new album Teenage Dream and this performance for an exclusive album release in Germany was absolutely no different. This time, however, the dress was decked out in patterns of ice cream cones.

While in Europe, she also visited Alan Carr’s talk show and told him that soon she’d be applying for British citizenship. You can watch her interview after the jump!

“I’m not too sure if I have to take a test as I’ve not had time to look into it. But England is like my second home. I can just pass through Customs real quick. You’ve already kind of adopted me so maybe I don’t have to go through all the paperwork?,” she joked.

Check out her dress, her candy-cane striped boots and her gummi bears bling in the gallery below!