‘Glee’ To Take On Rocky Horror Picture Show!

I thought the Britney Spears themed Glee episode couldn’t be topped during season two, but get ready: this year’s Halloween ep will be a Rocky Horror Picture show revival! Awesome! The craziness drops Oct. 26!

“I’ve loved Rocky Horror since I first saw it when I was 12,” says Chris Colfer. “There is no point to it except being crazy and having a good time.” If by that you mean there was no reason for the show to spend a whopping $30,000 on costumes, you are damn right!

“The Glee kids’ take on Rocky Horror is a little more hip,” says costume designer Lou Eyrich. Eyrich and the cast was most “excited to see what everyone was wearing when they came to the wardrobe trailer.”

Lea Michelle will play Janet, Colfer will play Riff-Raff, and Amber Riley will play Frank-N-Furter. This will be epic.