I Only Kiss & Tell When ‘Glee’ Is Involved

Whoever can admit to me that they have no desire to watch the show Glee probably deserves to be sucker-punched directly in the face. (After being showered in a slushy of course.)
Too extreme? I don’t think so. 
But don’t take my biased word for it. Just ask the long-list of celebs anticipating their Glee debut next season. 
They’re little known actors, you might have heard of:
Jennifer Lopez (my every reason for living)
Neil Patrick Harris (I don’t even mind his ginormous forehead)
Olivia Newton John (Who looks better than you in tight leather pants) 
and Idina Menzel (Boom! I just had Taye Digg’s baby…Suckas!)
OBSESSED…the anticipation for next season is un-freaking-believable.
Not only should viewers expect some major star power to grace their tv screens, but what about those punk kids from ‘Vocal Adrenaline’ who are vying for the regional title? I expect some major sing-off’s to happen that will guarantee to be bigger than all the secrets hidden underneath Mr. Shue’s curly locks.
And although I only sing in the privacy of my bathroom mirror, those of you with actual talent should edit your audition tape because Fox is about to start holding open calls for next season. 
According to Glee creator Ryan Murphy, casting directors are looking to fill three spots:
Role 1: An R&B singing teen. Basically, “a male Mercedes,” says Murphy.
Role 2: A show-stopping rival for Rachel….mmmm…I’m envisioning the diva antics and hair-pulling already.
Role 3: A boyfriend for Kurt.
So, start calling your agents, getting your hair done and calculating my ten percent cut if you make it since I told you about the audition and all.
Season 2 premieres April 13th on Fox…now occupy yourself by finding out more Glee secrets and eyeing these EXCLUSIVE photos of Dianna Agron and Matthew Morrison on set.