‘Glee’ Makes Me Feel ‘Beautiful’

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last two weeks, you should be well aware that half of America has submitted their audition tapes for next season’s GLEE. Now, let’s all bow our heads in prayer that the casting directors are able to fish through all the bad American Idol rejects and find some star quality peeps that continue to remind me that starting my future children in dance/choir/acting lessons during preschool is not so much obsessive as it is just being prepared.

One person who was definitely NOT discovered through a MySpace audition tape but might have come out of the womb singing Barbara Streisand anyway was the lovely and fabulous Kristin Chenoweth, who came back for last night’s episode to seduce Mr. Shuester and down a few shots like the boozy series fave that she is.

And is it just me or does Mr. Shuester get hotter with each episode that passes? It’s like I’m getting a vision of an older Justin Timberlake but with the hairstyle from NSYNC’s “Bye Bye Bye Bye” video circa 2000.

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If you missed last night’s episode, here’s what you missed:
1. Mercedes battles it out with Sue Sylvester about her refusal to
wear cheerleader skirts and lose weight. Her rebuttal, “I’m worried
about showing too much skin and starting a sex riot!” She begins to
starve herself and ends up fainting in the cafeteria after imagining her
friends turning into food.2. Kurt hooks up his dad with Finn’s
mom in attempt to cozy on up to Finn. It backfires when Kurt’s dad
starts bonding with Finn instead. Thankfully, there’s no better way to
show your real feelings than by singing “A House Is Not A Home” by Dionne
. Too bad he didn’t perform
in assless jeans
!3. Mr. Shuester and April shack up for the
night. But only as roommates since he’s trying to sublease his
apartment after the divorce. Even as a man-hoe, I think Shuester’s still
good-looking. I can’t help it!4. All the love yourself moments
led up to Mercedes singing Christina Aguilera’s “Beautiful” in a
very made-for-the-Hallmark-Channel kind of moment.5. Britney’s
best line of the night, “I think my cat’s been reading my diary.”6.
Next week Molly Shannon and Olivia
Newton John

will guest star
! And that’s what you missed on GLEE!