‘Glee’ Gives Us Queen, A Shirtless Mark Salling & Kristin Chenoweth

October 1st, 2009 // 7 Comments

How on earth can you not just love Glee? This week’s episode featured the Emmy winning Kristin Chenoweth as a boozy former Glee Club member (check out another video after the jump). Not only did the producers give us three songs from Kristin, they threw in “Somebody to Love” by Queen.

The cherry on top of this sundae was a shirtless Mark Salling.

What were your thoughts on last night’s episode?

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By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. formernewt

    I freaking love that show!

  2. BB

    Far and away the best new show on the air this season. Like FAME only with less melodrama and a boatload more fun. The talent on this show, both in front and behind the camera is ridiculous. I’m in awe of the product they put out every week. The “Single Ladies” football number from last week was sublime. And even characters that appeared to be stock one-note characters like Mark Salling is playing (Puck), as well as the cheerleader/girlfriend have turned expectations on their ear from week to week and grow in dimension. I’ve never seen Mark Salling before this but that man has star quality, even with that silly haircut.

    Watch. Let’s keep this show around for a while. Ryan Murphy, you rock.

  3. Ryan

    That was the best episode yet, which makes me very happy, because I was kind of mheh on the previous two.

    Can I just say I *loved* Christin Chenowith on it? While I think it would be difficult to make her a series regular, they should definitely try to get her to make some guest appearances more often. She was fantastic.

  4. torrentprime

    Already loved the show, but I loved this one so much I went and bought some of the songs from iTunes.
    And I had seriously inappropriate thoughts about Puck. That’s one high-school bully who can kick my butt any time.

  5. Steve

    I love the show! I think Salling looks a lot like Robbie Williams. I also predict he will end up in a scandalous affair with the gay kid, much to everyone at the schools shock. At least it’s my fantasy. I even like the haircut….

  6. Mark Wise

    Yep, Salling’s character is over-compensating by chasing lots of older women. He’ll end up in bed with Kurt, surprising the hell out of both of them.

  7. EKC

    Mark Salling will be a guest on “That Morning Show” (www.thatmorningshow.com) this WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 21, to discuss his role in “Glee” and his experiences working with the cast.

    Catch Salling’s interview on “That Morning Show” from 6AM – 9AM on E! Entertainment network!

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