‘GLEE’ Gets A Bad Reputation

Celebrities are the moths. GLEE is the flame.

We’ve all read the laundry-list of celebs that are making death threats to their publicists unless they score a guest cameo on next season’s Glee. (Oh wait. Sorry. That might have only been me). But last night’s episode didn’t fail to provide the star power of Madame Olivia Newton John and Molly Shannon (who I’m not sure totally qualifies as star power when she was only in 3 scenes the entire episode. Editing. Fail).

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Here’s what you missed on GLEE:
1. Sue Sylvester hides her head in shame after Kurt leaks her remake of the “Physical” music video on YouTube, much to everyone’s amusement at her expense.

2. The infamous Glist is posted, ranking the hotness level of each glee club member. Quinn tops the list at #1, while Rachel rounds out the bottom. Thank the sweet Lord that Lea Michele doesn’t actually wear animal-themed sweaters in real life and that Dianna Agron’s stylist is definitely getting her money’s worth from all those hot red carpet pics.

3. Emma confronts Will in the middle of the teacher’s lounge calling him a slut and proclaiming to all of those within 50 feet that “Nobody’s safe! Nobody’s safe!”

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4. Massive love triangle drama erupts when Rachel includes Puck, Finn
AND Jesse in her music video assignment causing Jesse to dump her on
the spot. First Will & Emma, now Jesse & Rachel. Please don’t
tell me Santana & Brittany are next!Song highlights:Mr. Shuester raps to “Ice, Ice, Baby and I don’t even hate him for it. Plus, Mercedes, Kurt, Artie, Brittany and Tina funk up “You Can’t Touch This” in the most amazing MC Hammer pants I’ve seen since third grade.Brittany’s best line:“I’ve
been here since first period. I had a cold and took all my antibiotics
at the same time. Now, I can’t remember how to leave.”And that’s what you missed on GLEE.