‘Glee’ Ends & My Happiness Follows Right Behind

Holy emotional roller coaster, Batman! Tonight’s season finale of Glee was epic and has me seriously considering filing a law suit against the show because my therapy bill is about to hit the roof now that I have to wait until what will seem like forever in anticipation for season 2.

Whoosh…too much?

So, in case you were too busy helping LAPD find La Loca Lohan and didn’t catch the finale last night, here’s what you missed:
1. The whole Glee team is in an emotional depression after finding out Sue Sylvester is on the celebrity judging panel for the regional’s competition and will do anything in her power to make sure they lose to Vocal Adrenaline. Other celebrity judges include Josh Groban and Olivia Newton-John.

2. Emma confesses to Will that she’s dating her dentist, which we found out yesterday will be the ever-charming and never-aging, John Stamos.

3. Right before Rachel and Finn take the stage to perform a flawless Journey melody, Finn finally drops the L-Bomb in a scattered but endearing way that sent little gleek hearts all across the nation melting with joy.

4. Quinn finally went into labor (conveniently after performing) while Vocal Adrenaline performed Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” in an amazing pregnancy/singing editing montage that is just asking for an Emmy.

5. Best line of the night goes to Sue Sylvester telling Josh Groban to kiss her ass after he insists she’s not a real celebrity like him and Olivia.

6. There’s no way I’m gonna tell you who won regionals, ya crazy. You gotta watch in order to soak in the glory of the season closer. In the meantime, catch Matthew Morrison and the Glee kids talk about ending their seasonal journey after the jump.

Here’s to next season, Gleeks! It’s been a pleasure. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to find my happy pills pronto before I wallow my Gleeless sorrows in the nearest tequila bottle.