‘Glee: The Music’ Volume 5 Will Feature Original Content

Our beloved Glee announced they will be releasing two original songs on the fifth volume of ‘Glee: The Music’ available Mar. 8. An ensemble pop song, “Loser Like Me” and a ballad “Get It Right,” perfectly orchestrated to showcase the power balladeer that is Lea Michele.

The Glamour UK cover girl, who is known for her from the heart ballads, is rarely upstaged attention-wise when center stage – with the exception of Christina Aguilera’s Super Bowl word flub that is. Every now and then, it’s nice to see an artist recognized for their set of pipes rather than their theatrics, per Jesse J.

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Sometimes I wish someone would remind Michele of this when she tries for sexy verse wholesome, like she did at the 2011 Grammy Awards. I’m just saying – when it comes to Lea Michele, the throw back to the wholesome fashion of the black and white TV era (as seen in the Glamour spread) suits her well!

Volume 5 will also feature Gwyneth Paltrow on title tracks and the cast’s Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” and the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s “Heads Will Roll,” which holds the title of Glee’s biggest audience to date of 26.8 million viewers, per Oh No They Didn’t! (which also lists all tracks to be included on this album).