Exclusive: ‘Glee’ Stars Jenna Ushkowitz Vs. Vanessa Lengies In ‘Dance Central 3 Throwdown’ [VIDEO]

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Jenna Ushkowitz and Vanessa Lengies are battling it out! Who will win the Dance Central3  Throwdown? Apparently, according to the two Glee stars, Chord Overstreet is no competition. Uhh, does Chord know about this?

In the three-episode web series, Ushkowitz and Lengies go head-to-head in the ultimate dance-off competition.

Both trained with the actual choreographers behind Xbox’s new game, Dance Central 3 to get ready for the ultimate dance battle in front of a live audience.  Who won?  Watch here.  Not gonna lie, I was dancing around in my seat.

Ushkowitz is pretty positivo that she’ll come out on top: “I think I’ll be the Dance Battle champion because I’m a champion at everything.. in my heart.” 

Lengies is pretty sure that everyone else has a good chance at beating her. Way to have some confidence! Who do you think will be the champion?