‘Glee’ Star Lea Michelle Style: Own It Or Loan It? [PHOTOS]

One Big Happy Glee Family
Glee cast attend the 2012 Golden Globes
We’re all well aware that Glee has become more than just a TV show, it has become a way of life! Gleeks nationwide have been enthralled in this musical sitcom since day one.  I, myself can’t say I have watched a full episode but I do like to look at what these stars are wearing on the red carpet.

My favorite fashion victim that I tend to keep a particular eye on is Ms. Lea Michele. That woman knows just how to get a rise out of me! She likes to explore her fashion options, and as much as I commend her for trying to find her own personal style I find myself half the time wide-eyed and and in awe! Like I said I give her kudos for taking fashion leaps here and there; but lets get real, girl needs to get her swag down pat cause we all know she’s got that pose on point!

Look through these style moments and let me know; would you own it or loan it to a very distant friend?! Oh, and don’t forget when hamming it up for the paparazzi to place your hand on that popped out hip and throw on your most seductive face! Walaaa!! Lea was that you??!!!