‘Glee’ Star Lea Michele & Her Sexy Legs Visit Jimmy Kimmel [PHOTOS]

Cory & Lea Out To Lunch
The Glee Couple Goes On A Lunch Date
Damn Lea Michele, those are some legs you’ve got.

The Glee actress was spotted in Hollywood last night for a taping of Jimmy Kimmel Live. While Lea’s Glee character, Rachel Berry, sports some super cute hats and short skirts, nothing quite compares to the metallic mini Lea is sporting here. It’s one of those things where if her legs weren’t so fabulous, we’d be upset why she didn’t wasn’t wearing pants.

She’s so perfectly tanned, that Lea. No wonder boyfriend Cory Monteith always looks so happy to see her. Well that, and he probably really likes her as a person. The new season of Glee promises to provide some big changes for Rachel. What with moving to New York and the possibility of a new, hot love interest. So how’s life in the Big Apple for Lea?

Scary, apparently. She told Jimmy, “I already moved because my apartment in New York was definitely haunted. I found out that it was owned by nuns back in the day and it was a convent. And I swear that one day I heard someone warming up and singing in my bathroom. And I was like, ‘I’m out!’ It was really scary.”

Nope, haunted is not OK. Luckily Lea got out just in time. Launch the gallery to check out Lea’s lovely legs. Ooo, alliteration! Tell us what you think of her metallic number in the comments!

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