‘Glee’ Star Jane Lynch Received Star On Hollywood Walk Of Fame

One Big Happy Glee Family
Glee cast attend the 2012 Golden Globes
Congratulations go out to Glee star Jane Lynch for receiving a star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame. Glee creator Ryan Murphy was on hand for the ceremony. Lynch said to Murphy: “I’m so glad you cast me in Popular and 10 years later you would hand me the role of a lifetime in Sue Sylvester.

Murphy said of Lynch: “She is the hardest working person on the set … she makes everybody better and everybody happier. She is one of the comedy greats in our business – a true class act. She helped make track suits hot again. … She’s one for the ages. She’s a great gal and now she’s a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.”

Lynch tweeted her reaction to the honor. 

Matthew Morrison and Ryan Murphy also tweeted their congratulations.



Christopher Guest, who went on to cast Lynch in the films For Your Consideration, Best In Show and A Mighty Wind, called her body of work in film, television and on stage “incredible.”

“Jane has obviously been very persistent. She has incredible gifts. In all of (my) films, she’s given inspired performances.”

Well done, Jane Lynch, well done!

Check out all the pics from the ceremony by launching the gallery!

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