‘Glee’ Star Heather Morris Strips Down & Shakes Her Ass For Esquire [VIDEO]

Glee star Heather Morris treats Esquire magazine and her fans to a wild booty shacking dance video. The video is part of Esquire’s new feature 50 Songs Every Man Should Be Listening To. You will not be disappointed.

In the accompanying article, the Flirt Cosmetics Ambassador offers a few pointers to guys who want to look cool dancing.

PHOTOS: ‘Glee’s’ Heather Morris Really Loves Pumping Gas

- The simplest way to do something cool is the cross-turn. Like in the ’80s — Michael Jackson did it. You jump and cross your legs together at the same time, and then spin out of it. That’s it.
-You don’t want to be too cool. But you don’t want to be too dorky.
-Still, I find it so much better to see a guy at a club being a dork, and having fun, than trying to be sexy.
-Looking down and shuffling is pretty great. But not the Running Man.
-I can’t stand it when someone comes up behind a girl and grabs her hips and tries to grind with her. It’s offensive. Why would you do that to me?
– You know what’s really hot? Pop-and-locking, ticking. The moonwalk. Tricks like that.

There you go guys! No go for it. Watch Heather Morris dance her ass off…