‘Glee’ Star Gushes To SOCIALITE LIFE About Dianna Agron

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SOCIALITE LIFE stopped by GBK’s annual Celebrity Gift Lounge at the W Hotel in Hollywood today (February 23rd) to catch up with some of our favorite stars.  We had to stop Glee’s Iqbal Theba (Principal Figgans) and ask him about Tuesday’s moving episode, which found Quinn (Dianna Agron) in a terrible accident and Karofsky (Max Adler) almost ending his life.

Theba said that when he first read the script for this week’s episode, he couldn’t believe the turn of events that were to take place.  But Theba applauds the writing team said that about 99% of the people he’s spoke to enjoyed the episode, but ag

One person Theba couldn’t say enough about was co-star Agron.  “She hasn’t changed a bit since day one, she’s a delight,” Mr. Figgans told us.  It seems that Quinn has retained that charm off-camera that the rest of the cast initially fell in love with.  

Theba also said that it’s very difficult to work with Jane Lynch.  Why? “I can’t keep a straight face!” Theba said with a laugh.  Playing Principal Figgans to Lynch’s Sue Sylvester has allowed Theba to understand the many facets of the Emmy winner’s character, and how Sue Sylvester might seem like a villain, but she also has a side she doesn’t want the students or Mr. Shuester to see.

Theba stopped by the pre-Oscar gift lounge to celebrate Hollywood Week with some of favorite celeb products including RevitaLash, TeiSpa, Julep nail polish, Karen McClintock and FlairWalk.

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