‘Glee’ Star Dean Geyer Looks Super Hot At Photo Shoot, Makes Ladies Swoon [PHOTOS]

The Scientist
'Glee' breaks the hearts of viewers everywhere.
Guys, I think we can all agree that Dean Geyer is the best thing to happen to Glee since…well probably since it started.

The South African hottie was spotted in West Hollywood of Friday (October 19) posing for photos in a variety of outfits. I’m quite partial to the outfit with the button-up shirt and the orange vest. It’s very Marty Mcfly-esque, but in a modern sort of way. The photos were being taken for the upcoming issue of BELLO Mag by Aleksandar Tomovic!

Also, new decree: Dean should show off his muscles all the time. Like he’s showing them off at the LA Haunted Hayride. I think you can all back me up on this, right? So, where’s this girlfiend of his?

We spotted them kissing once, but haven’t really seen them together since then. Could it be that Deanie baby is back on the market? It’s probably way too early to say, but if he is, I’m pretty sure that every girl with a pulse would be up on it. I mean, guys, he sings, he dances, he acts, he has a South African accent, we know he’s got crazy sexy abs–do I have to keep selling him to you?

Launch the gallery to check out all the sexy photos of Dean’s photo shoot. It’s kind of beyond adorable when he let’s his hard-man demeanor go and laughs. Good times had by all.