‘Glee’ Star Dean Geyer Is A Gem As He Poses With Fans In LA [PHOTOS]

Dean Geyer! Where have you been all my life? And by all my life, I mean the past few months when we’ve barely seen you around town.

The Glee star was spotted in West Hollywood yesterday (March 24) doing some shopping at Top Shop. Seriously, how excited is everyone that LA finally has a Top Shop! Now enough about clothes, let’s talk about Dean!

Specifically, how hot he is! Honestly, all of him was really working wonders yesterday. I gotta say, I’m more into Dean in his summer look than in a bundled up winter look. Well, that’s only half true, as I’m into Dean no matter what he wears. Or doesn’t wear. Now, you know how I know that Dean is a gem? 

Because despite being on his day off and doing some personal shopping, he still took time out of his day to pose for photographs with fans. Love it! Those girls are gonna be so cool when they Instagram that photo. They’ll just be the talk of the town!

Launch the gallery to check out all the super sexy and adorable Dean Geyer photos. Yup, he has the ability to be both at the same time. How much would you love to run into Dean? Or do you prefer another Glee cast member? Let us know in the comments!