‘Glee’ Star Chris Colfer Gets Into Character, What’s Next For Klaine? [PHOTOS]

'Glee' At The '12 SAGs
The cast on the red carpet.
Well Chris Colfer, don’t you just look like the perfect New York theatre student.

The Glee actor was spotted on the New York set of the hit show filming scenes for the upcoming fourth season. Co-star Lea Michele was also around for a bear hug, wearing a totally different–but still adorable–outfit than we saw her in yesterday.

Chris looked quite fabulous. As if we’d expect anything less from Kurt’s costumes. I’m quite a fan of black pants, long black coat combo. Plus, I want his bag. Now that we’ve discussed Chris’ clothes, let’s discuss the future of Chris’ character! What’s going on with Kurt and Blaine? Or as they’re also known, Klaine?

According to reports, and Ryan Murphy’s Twitter account, Kurt and Blaine (played by hottie Darren Criss) should be just fine on the long distance front. When one fan asked if we could expect a Klaine marriage, Ryan Tweeted, “I believe in happy endings.” Also, you can expect a Klaine duet! Yay!

This should definitely be an interesting season of Glee with all of our favorite characters off doing their own things. I’m particularly excited for the Rachel & Kurt NYADA story lines. Those should be quite excellent. Believe it kids: the college theatre scene is even more intense and bitchie than the high school one.

Check out all the photos of Kurt in the gallery and let us know how excited you are about the new season in the comments!

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