‘Glee’ Spoilers: Blaine And Kurt Get Their Kiss On

25 Darren Criss Gifs
Darren Criss is purely amazing in gif form!
It looks as if we may have a reunion on our hands!

Lots of goodies from the gleefilmingstuffs Tumblr blog, which shows a very passionate Kurt and Blaine shooting some kissing scenes for Glee. Watch the videos below.

If you remember, at the end of last season Blaine (Darren Criss) was all set to propose to Kurt (Chris Colfer), but we the viewers were left hanging. Well, all of that will seemingly be resolved judging by new pics and videos from the set of Glee

During the filming of the musical number “Got To Get You Into My Life,” Kurt and Blaine share a passionate kiss. The whole scene looks to be very fun and flirty.

This episode airs on Fox on Thursday, September 26, and it will effectively be a two-parter since there is another Beatles tribute airing the following week that is meant to go hand-in-hand with it. It is this episode that will feature the arrival of Demi Lovato, one of the biggest guest stars for this season.

We cannot wait for this!