‘Glee’ Shakes Things Up For Season 4, Plus More At The Fox Upfronts [PHOTOS]

Celebs galore gathered at the 2012 Fox Upfront Presentation at Wollman Rink last night (May 14th) in New York City to introduce the network’s fall line-up.

Chris Colfer and Lea Michele talked with E! about Glee’s show-within-a-show concept for season four, which will split time between McKinley High and New York City, where Kurt, Rachel and Finn find themselves.

“Next year will be a renaissance. Two shows within a show,” Fox boss Kevin Reilly told E!. “We’ll follow some of our graduates to the Big Apple as they try to cut it at a college for the performing arts.”

Michele, for her part, is very excited about the new direction (no pun intended) Glee is taking.  “We were with Ryan last night, and he gave us basically the arc of next year for our characters,” Michele said on the red carpet. “I just sat there and didn’t speak and tried to memorize and remember everything. And things change throughout the year, but it’s very exciting. I was super happy. Cory was happy.” In other season four news, Sarah Jessica Parker and Kate Hudson have signed on to act as mentors for Kurt and Rachele in at least one episode.  This and a new night/time slot (Thursdays, 9pm) will certainly shake things up for Glee.

The Office’s Mindy Kaling’s pilot will air this fall, which follows the comedienne’s adventures as a OB-GYN, according to Zap2it.  If you’ve read Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?, you’ll get the gist of this new sitcom.  Alright, I’ll put it on my DVR, but let’s see how measures up to New Girl and ABC’s Happy Endings.