‘Glee’ Season Premiere: If You Love ‘Glee’, You’ll Love ‘Pitch Perfect’

Call Me Maybe
What songs will Glee be featuring this season?
Mash-Up Magic
Pitch Perfect creates the most gorgeous mash-up!
Tonight the unfortunate, torturous wait will finally be over, Gleeks! Glee is premiering for it’s fourth season! All of our favorite cast members will be returning, (still no proof of Dianna Agron though), as well as some new, fun cast members! Kate Hudson will be featured as an extremely intimidating dance instructor from NYADA named Cassandra July. She has hot, hot moves and a spicy attitude to match!

Gorgeous, Sarah Jessica Parker will be making an appearance as well! She’ll be playing Vogue editor, Isabelle Klempt! I’m going out on a  limb here, but maybe our beloved Kurt Hummel could be interning for her? I’ve heard he’ll be in New York with Rachel and I can’t think of a better reason to be there! The fun doesn’t end there, folks!

More fun, fantastic songs will be featured throughout this whole season. Speculation last season of there being less songs per episode surfaced and fans weren’t happy. Ryan Murphy squashed that rumor and kept the same amount of songs! I mean, where exactly would Glee be without the music?

Maybe they’ll take a leaf out of the Pitch Perfect cast’s book and do some A Capella! Could Rebel Wilson or Anna Kendrick be potential guests as well? I wouldn’t be opposed to seeing those two lovely ladies at all! Maybe Wilson could go all “Rebelicious” on the cast members. They could use a little shaking up. That would definitely be a fun, fresh, style to add into the show. The movie proved you can make great music without the use of any instruments.

Not hyped up enough, fellow fans?! Don’t worry, you will be! Check out this super cool new promo for what’s to come! So excited to see Sue Sylvester’s baby!

Could there potentially be a new Quinn Fabray in McKinley High?! I hope not! There was only room for one of those in that small town. And Britney 2.0?! Sounds like their season is starting off with a bang! Don’t forget to tune into both, Glee and Pitch Perfect when they premiere!