‘Glee’ Season Five Premiere Recap: ‘Love, Love, Love’

Fellow Glee fans rejoice! Season five has finally begun!

As saddening as it is to have a season without Cory Monteith, I’m excited to see what this season has! What I’m most looking forward to, despite how many tears I’ll probably shed, is the tribute episode to both Monteith and his character Finn. Just today we had the opportunity to see a teaser of what is to come on Thursday, October 10th! It wasn’t much but it should be enough to tide us over.

Read on at your own risk. There are a plethora of spoilers from tonight’s season premiere.  

This season opened with Rachel (Lea Michele) auditioning for Funny Girl. The man she did her chemistry read with and the casting director both said she had the look, even though factors caused them to think she wouldn’t fit the role. Apparently she’s “too green” and “too young.” Who better to play the lead role than Barbra Streisand’s biggest fan? I personally wouldn’t complain with that casting. Further into the episode both men look as though they could possibly be swayed after Santana (Naya Rivera) and Rachel performed The Beatles hit, “A Hard Day’s Night”. Their rendition was very impressive!

The New Directions — as well as all of our other known and loved characters — are dedicating two weeks to The Beatles! At first I was admittedly confused by this because they have previously preformed two of their songs. “Blackbird” and “I Want To Hold Your Hand” were featured in season two. Of course we know the legendary band had more than two fantastic songs and this episode just proves it! Mr. Schue (Matthew Morrison) told the club that for this week they would be focusing on the earlier career of the band. It was a time when they only had each other and were devoted to one another.

A very, very unexpected couple threw me for loop right at the beginning of the episode. I never would have expected mean girl Kitty Wilde (Becca Tobin) to be romantically involved with Artie (Kevin McHale). Right from the very start there were mixed messages which, for me, were impossible to decode. Is she interested in him, and I mean really, truly interested in him, or is this just some cruel Cheerio thing her and her friends have up their sleeves? We have witnessed them behaving badly in the past so it wouldn’t have come as a surprise. Even though the blonde seemed so opposed to every idea he had for a sort of date night, they, and everyone else in the area, went to the carnival. There they performed “Drive My Car”.

Bree, a bad girl from the Cheerios took photos of the unlikely duo and took the liberty of putting them on Instagram to mock Kitty. When Artie questioned the other girl to his companion, she simply stated, “she’s a stone cold bitch out to destroy me.” That doesn’t sound like friendly cheer talk to me. Where is Sue Sylvester when you need her to break-up a cat fight? Oh, that’s right! She’s the newly appointed principal. Hilarity ensued when she returned. It was about time we got to see Jane Lynch again. While describing her road to the top, the former coach said she planted incriminating evidence against the previous principal, Figgins. This evidence included a foot porn magazine and a copy of Hitler’s, “Mein Kampf”.

With so much being thrown at us in this exciting episode, it’s almost difficult to keep track of everything. The Kitty and Artie story could have taken up the whole hour. While I was continuing to question her motives, the Glee Club finally had her tell the truth. You see, she and Artie were secretly dating. None of Artie’s friends condoned this behavior because he deserves better. We learned that even overly confident blonde cheerleaders have their doubts. The reason she wanted to keep her relationship a secret, besides the fact she has a reputation to protect, is that she wanted to protect her heart. Any girl (and possibly guy) can understand that! Relationships are difficult, especially when people are constantly judging every move you make. I guess you could say she’s a celebrity of McKinley High!

All of this Rachel, Sue, and Kartie (Artty?) excitement almost made me forget about everything Klaine related! Almost being used very loosely here! Not only did these two beloved characters reconcile, but Blaine had the idea to propose to his love! It almost seems like they’re rushing things, but if you know you’re with the one, then go ahead and get engaged! This was not going to be any simple engagement though. That would completely contradict all of the fabulous flare of their relationship! Not only did Blaine want to serenade his man, but he wanted to recruit Vocal Adrenaline, The Warblers, and the students from the Haverbrook School for the Deaf! He said that if they could unite cut throat show choir groups, then anything was possible.

To be honest, I wasn’t so sure Vocal Adrenaline would comply with his wishes. Maybe Darren Criss’ rendition of “Help!” was able to convince everyone after all. I’m sure the reappearance of Sebastian (Grant Gustin) wasn’t too shabby either! Very traditionally, Blaine spoke to Burt Hummel before the actual proposal ceremony. Burt told his son that he was going to allow him to make his own decisions because he’s a man now. I was on the edge of my seat hoping and wishing that he would say yes!

Build-up to the big question was beautiful. Everyone chimed in singing “All You Need is Love” by, you guessed it, The Beatles! That’s what marriage is all about, right? Unity of two people who are in love. In case you were wondering, Vocal Adrenaline did show up, looking very extravagant in the way they always do. Sam (Chord Overstreet) had a very strong presence in this too, and in his friendship/bromance with Blaine. Oh, and can I mention he is rocking some serious Jared Padalecki inspired hair? These two are going to have to have a hair showdown of some sort with their lustrous locks!

After this performance, at the very same staircase Blaine and Kurt met, the proposal finally happened. It was definitely an award-winning proposal. My personal favorite part was, “I’m not in the habit of taking people’s hands I’ve never met before but I think that my soul knew something that my mind and body didn’t know yet.” Just something so simple is so sweet. He went on to talk about how he believes in other lifetimes he thinks they were together and that he’s so happy that in this lifetime they found each other so early on. How could Kurt deny him after all that, right? Well, guess what, Gleeks?! Kurt said yes! That’s right, Klaine are engaged!

Let’s just hope this proposal actually ends with a marriage. So far only Burt Hummel and Carole Hudson have successfully tied the knot! Well, that is, unless you count Will and Emma finally getting married last season in the choir room!

Next week is Beatles week two and Demi Lovato is making her first appearance! I’m excited to see the dynamic between her and Santana! It’s going to be a very interesting, different role for her to portray!

Out of all the amazing songs in this week’s episode, what was your favorite? Sound off in the comments below!