‘Glee’ Rocky Horror Episode Is Really ‘The Shirtless Episode’

Last night was the much anticipated Rocky Horror-themed episode of Glee. But in reality, it’ll go down in history as the one where the boys took their shirts off.

Can we talk about Chord Overstreet’s abs? Certainly makes you overlook those lips, don’t they? And what about Cory Monteith? I’ve been saying all season that they’ve slimmed him down from last year and it certainly shows.

And it seems as if the heat between Matthew Morrison and Jayma Mays’ character is not going away anytime soon. She knocked athat number ouf the park!

Noticeablely absent thus far in the season has been Mark Salling, appearing only briefly. However, E! spoke with someone high up at the show who confirmed, “Mark is fine, and on the show. Secure. A series regular, like before.”

Upcoming episodes include a spin-the-bottle focused show, a flashbacks episode that looks at the childhood of member of New Directions and of course the Christmas episode, airing Dec. 7.

What did you think of the episode?