‘Glee’ Music Report

While the Glee cast is famously enjoying their spotlight, they are fan favorites both on set and off. Here they are, taking a break from filming while visiting New York City. Everyone is looking very cute but we will have to wait and see if these outfits are for the show or fun. There are only so many episodes left of the fast-flying season, finale airing in May JUST around the corner.

PHOTOS: ‘Glee’ Arrives in Central Park

Still left to come are many musical renderings that will awe audiences including ABBA’s ‘Dancing Queen’! A seasoned crowd-pleaser that is sure to succeed again with this talent behind it. In addition we have repeat offenders on the guest list of singers such as Kristen Chenowith, Gwyneth Paltrow and Jonathan Groff. Check after the jump for the entire album Track List.

The CD to be released May 23 features:

1. ‘Turning Tables’ (Featuring Gwyneth Paltrow)
2. ‘I Feel Pretty / Unpretty’
3. ‘As If We Never Said Goodbye’
4. ‘Born This Way’
5. ‘Dreams’ (Featuring Kristin Chenoweth)
6. ‘Songbird’
7. ‘Go Your Own Way’
8. ‘Don’t Stop’
9. ‘Rolling in the Deep’ (Featuring Jonathan Groff)
10. ‘Isn’t She Lovely’
11. ‘Dancing Queen’
12. ‘Try a Little Tenderness’
13. ‘My Man’
14. ‘Pure Imagination’
15. ‘Bella Notte’
16. ‘As Long As You’re There’
17. ‘Pretending’
18. ‘Light Up the World’