‘Glee’ Finale Sneak Peak Spoiler

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Glee fans are ravenous over this original and hilarious comedy. They cannot get enough of the musical covers, on-screen romances and satirical high school drama. This cast is full to the brim with talent so it is no surprise. What is surprising is the way fans take the show so seriously that they blame the real life stars for their characters actions.

Actor Kevin McHale “pretty much begged people on Twitter to stop sending him hate tweets regarding his character getting in the way of Brittany and Santana. “I’m not Artie!” he pleaded to the masses.” Cory Monteith quickly felt the wrath of the audience at Media’s Paleyfest 2011 as well. Saying he felt his character Finn and Rachel are ‘”more interesting when they are apart, even when they clearly love each other.” Cory then ducked his head and said he literally “felt” the hate radiating from the audience after that comment.’ That sure seems unnerving.

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However, the fans were given plenty of tidbits from the cast to east the tension. Such as the return of Kristen Chenoweth, prom, regionals and…nationals?? Of course even with all the hints, Glee will manage to surprise everyone and keep audiences laughing. Especially with Jane Lynch and her vendetta against Matthew Morrison‘s Will Schuester. Supposedly Coach Sylvester will have some extra help in this battle for the rest of the season. The only question left is, how will we make it through summer once the season is over?

By Lauren Jensen

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