‘Glee’ Does ‘Grease’: Covers An Iconic Song [VIDEO]

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Some of the song choices on Glee have been less than impressive. Just when it seems like they’re going to be performing really great, entertaining music, some awful song plays.

This time around they were getting in touch with their inner Grease fans. Their group number was “Born to Hand Jive” which was surprisingly amazing.

Amber Riley led the number just like the wonderful diva she is. Seeing her return, even if it’s temporary was amazing. Their newbies were right in the spotlight strutting their stuff.

What surprised me most was how much the number paralleled with the one performed in Grease. Their new little cheerleader is definitely this generation’s Cha Cha Digregorio. No one really stands out as Kenickie though. He was my favorite character so I was looking forward to seeing who tried to portray a character similar to him.

Check out the performance above and let us know if you see the similarities to the legendary movie!