‘Glee’ Debuts A Gagatastic Episode April 26th

Glee returns April 19th, but we’re REALLY excited for April 26th.  Why, you ask?  Because Popeater reports that this particular episode is dedicated to Lady Gaga’s hit single, “Born This Way.”  Not only that, but producers plan on extending this momentous block of television time from 60 minutes to 90 minutes, complete with two additional songs.  The show that assures teens it’s ok to be different (normal is snoozy) will emphasize this point April 26th when some members of New Directions reflect on their insecurities.

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It’s been reported that Lauren (Ashley Fink) will run for prom queen, Rachel considers a nose job (don’t touch it! What would Barbra say?) and Kurt must revisit the issue of bullying.  It’s as if Gaga wrote “Born This Way” especially for our Gleeks.  After lessons on binge drinking and sex, it’ll be nice to watch as the characters try and come to terms with who they are.  Preferably to music.