‘Glee’ Convention Turned Into A Weekend Remembrance Of Cory Monteith; More Than Just Finn Hudson

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GLEE Star Corey Monteith Dead at 31

A normally joyful weekend event turned into an impromptu, Glee style, memorial after the sudden death of 31-year-old Glee star Cory Monteith at a fan convention in England.

“Gleeks” everywhere took to their social medias the instant the news was released to express their extreme sorrow. Monteith, who had publicly struggled with addiction, was in recovery prior to his death. Autopsy reports recovered that Monteith died from a mixed drug toxicity, involving a lethal combination of heroin and alcohol.

The hundreds of fans in attendance experienced an array of emotions throughout the weekend. “The whole day was simultaneously the best and the worst experience of my life,” said Chloe Harvey, an 18-year-old fan form Portsmouh, England. “The news was devastating. No one had any idea what to say or do. It just shows how much of a truly amazing guy Cory was that everyone was so shocked and emotional about the news. Everyone was crying and sharing stories.”

If you were unaware, Monteith has been a main star of Glee since day one and the statement above proves that he was more than just Finn Hudson form Glee. On top of publicly expressing their sadness and surprise, fans have been leaving bouquets of flowers, notes, and memorabilia on the sidewalk in front of the Vancouver hotel Monteith was found dead in.

The Fox network and producers of Glee, spoke exceptionally highly of Monteith, commending him not only on his talent, but the person he truly was. Monteith’s co-star and real-life girlfriend, Lea Michele, has asked for her privacy while grieving and fully grasping this surprising and unsettling news.

Monteith expressed in an interview with People magazine back in 2011 that he struggled with substance abuse throughout his early adulthood and that he “was lucky to be alive.”

When Monteith realized the path he was headed down was one he had already visited, he sought out help and admitted himself to a treatment center this past April. Lea Michele stated she fully supported him in his efforts to recover and was proud that he was brave enough to ask for help.

“We all woke up to hear the story, and no one really wanted to believe it was true,” said Chloe-Louise Bond, a 22-year-old fan from Wakefield, England described what it was like the day the news became public. “Walking into the main room, you could just feel the tragedy in the air, absolute strangers became a family right in that moment. Everyone was crying and hugging and jut trying to get over the shock.”

Between his smouldering look and personality that seriously melted your heart, it was impossible not to love Cory Monteith. It’s an understatement to say that he will greatly be missed.

By Micaela Olguin

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