‘Glee’ Cast At The 2012 Teen Choice Awards, They Win Big! [PHOTOS]

2012 Teen Choice Awards
Backstage moments you won't see on TV.
Comic-Con 2012
The cast of 'Glee' takes the convention by storm!
The cast of Glee had both an on and off-screen winning year!

After four seasons, the New Directions won nationals on the show just in time for the graduation of the original cast, and they also won the surfboard for Choice TV Show: Comedy at the 2012 Teen Choice Awards. Sounds like a pretty good year if you ask me.

The fun doesn’t end there! Lea Michele, who plays the uptight star of the glee club Rachel Berry, won the Comedy Choice Female Actress board. Don’t worry, they guys represented too. Chris Colfer, who plays the bullied gay member of the club Kurt Hummel, won for Comedy Choice Male. Congrats guys!

Read on to catch the rest of the Glee highlights from the Teen Choice Awards.

Kevin McHale, who stars as the spirited wheel chair bound Artie Abrams on Glee, had a short segment in the awards show with host Demi Lovato. While they were exchanging lines, Lea Michele did something quite out of character. She yelled, “I love you Kevin!” While disturbances usually get an audience member kicked out of the show, Lea smiled and waved for the camera, obviously excited and proud of her co-star of four seasons. The audience appreciated it as well, which obviously proves that Glee truly is a teen fan favorite.

I can’t wait to see how these Glee graduates are incorporated into the next season and have high hopes it will be just as fantastic as it has been in the past.