‘Glee’ Adds New Character To Come Between Blaine & Kurt

Glee! Why do you have to ruin the one part of the show I look forward to? According to reports a new gay Warbler is making his way onto the scene and sets his sights on destroying the beautiful relationship between Darren Criss’ Blaine and Chris Colfer’s Kurt.

Theatre actor Grant Gustin will join the cast in episode 5 as Sebastian, a student at Dalton Academy who sets his eyes on Blaine. I mean, who wouldn’t set their eyes on Blaine? He’s like 50% of the reason I watch the show. The other 50% being Lea Michele. Love her. Apparently, Grant is the total opposite of Kurt. We’re told to think of him as Santana, but a dude.

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This news makes me quite sad. I mean, we were just getting to the good stuff with Kurt and Blaine. They have the potential for such cuteness, as evidenced by this adorable video. I wonder if this was the stuff that Chris was alluding to on the Emmy red carpet? He did say there was a very interesting storyline coming up.

Remember to keep an eye out for Grant’s Sebastian in episode 5. I’m still not sure how I feel about this. What do you think? Sad about something coming between Kurt and Blaine? Excited? Wish Blaine was real and straight so I could date him? Wait…sorry, that last one is just for me. Leave us your thoughts in the comments!