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February 28th, 2007 // 6 Comments

The ravishing Miss Elizabeth Taylor and her white diamonds celebrated her 75th birthday in Las Vegas. I loved my grandmother’s, but I wish I could have had a third one, and it could have been Elizabeth Taylor. She wouldn’t have given a shit that I liked boys. She would just want a fourth for bridge, and we could try on all her jewelry and discuss how she stole her husband’s from other women. Debbie Reynolds and her daughter Princess Leia were present at the party, too. This is funny because Nana Taylor stole Eddie Fisher, Debbie’s then husband and Carrie’s Dad back in the dark ages and married his ass. Talk about forgiveness on Debbie’s part. I’d be putting ground glass in her salad.


Find out which celebs attended Elizabeth Taylor’s birthday bash in Vegas after the jump.


By J. Harvey

  1. mg

    I agree…there is no one like Elizabeth Taylor. I wish I knew her too.

  2. Harvey! You don’t put ground glass in the salad…you put ground-up light bulb in the face powder. What kind of gay are you anyway?!

  3. DF

    Dude, Liz has either been laying off the booze and pain killers, or got some work done. Her face looks all lifted. Hell, she looks good at 75.

  4. Watch those apostrophes! ‘s for possessive, -s for plural. OK, have a wonderful day now.

  5. samm-e

    This should have a warning…do not view above picture before a meal. Age spots may damage your gastrointestinal system.
    Really, Zigfried or is it Roy? looks better. Miserable old man stealing multi-married whore. Why is when celebrities get old they are so revered? Because they lived thru the whoring and drugs? She was never a good actress either. Just a squawker.
    Liz lovers nauseate me.

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