Glamour Magazine Sort Of Misses The Point

May 6th, 2010 // 1 Comment

Here we present Crystal Renn, Brooklyn Decker and Alessandra Ambrosio – all photoshoped to hell and back on the cover of Glamour Magazine. Glamour vehemently denies they took the magical eraser tool to any of the girls, but Styleite (virtual high five on the blog name!) is skeptical, and we think that Glamour just doesn’t really get it.

It doesn’t look like any of these women had appendages reduced by 50%, but the lack of freckles, scars, imperfections – any real humanity, is what we all dislike about magazine covers these days. Crystal Renn is cool because she’s a little more relatable, yeah, but I have some friends that could rival Brooklyn Decker in real life. The point is – we like seeing them in all their regular person glory (plus size or size 24) – minus all the retouching and professional photographers directing them to add to their already flawless image.

No, we don’t want to see a bunch of fuglies on our covers. It’s terrible but true. But I don’t think anyone of us would mind a little personality, character, or just a tiny reminder that these girls, too, are human. 

By Bailey Edwards

  1. Grace

    The second picture looks like it wasn’t retouched because the model in pink has a little bit of bulge coming out of her bottoms. Makes me happy to see that, by the way, because that’s what normal humans look like! I’m thrilled to see a trend towards less retouching of pictures.
    The magazine article is about bikinis for every body type, but there’s only one body type shown: athletic/skinny. Disappointing.

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