Give Brad Pitt And George Clooney A Little More Credit

Gossip Cop
blew the whistle on a bogus Life & Style story that exaggerated the types of pranks Brad Pitt and George Clooney play on each other.  While Clooney is a bit of a prankster, the nonsense Life & Style typed up simply isn’t true. 

The rag claims three pranks between Pitt and Clooney:

1) That Pitt (seen here yesterday on the Westwood, CA set of his film, Moneyball) offered someone $1,000 to pee in the vents of Clooney’s car.
2) Upon hearing Pitt’s offer, Clooney paid someone to pepper spray Pitt’s car, then paint in orange.
3) (And this is the weirdest.  Where the hell do they pull this stuff from?)

“Brad and George track each other down on their individual sets and
send an endless stream of male escorts to each other’s hotel rooms.”

Eww.  So, none of this is true.  And as fratty as these two may be at times, I’m not sure either studmuffin has the patience nor the time to pull these kinds of pranks.