Gisele Bundchen is One Rich Beeotch

July 18th, 2007 // 13 Comments

As if being genetically blessed weren’t enough, Gisele Bundchen can now boast that she’s also the richest maiden in the land. The Brazilian supermodel came in at number one on’s 2007 list of The Top Earning Models in the World. Her earnings of $33 million dollars easily dwarfed the income of her second-place competitor, Kate Moss, whose $9 million dollar intake seemed comparatively paltry. With nearly 20 major contracts that she steadfastly maintains, the South American supermodel’s international fashion campaigns, including a record-making $5 million dollar a year contract with Victoria’s Secret, have made her by far the richest supermodel out there today.


More on Gisele’s wealth after the jump.

But it’s not all angel wings and money pools for Bundchen. She might be making some serious bank, but it sounds like her relationship with Tom Brady could stand to use a little perking up. Page Six reports that the photogenic couple are cracking under the stress over the arrival of Tom’s baby, from his ex-fiancee, Bridget Moynahan. The stork is set to arrive on Friday, the same day as Giselle’s birthday. According to a spy for Page Six:

The tension has grown so intense that the couple fought openly in front of hotel guests in Napa while staying at the five-star Auberge du Soleil.

Shit, with the kind of green Gisele’s got, she could just buy herself a new Tom Brady. Or maybe two. Or hire a wacky scientist to invent a laser that magically dissolves baby mama drama upon impact. You know, whatever’s easiest to do. I’m not a scientist, people, I can’t explain the ins and outs of how this stuff works. I’m an idea woman.

By Lisa Timmons

  1. Tonysgirl

    hmmmmm 33 million for that? ummmm okay.

  2. nastybugger

    tonysgirl, I’m SO with you.

    why ANY model is paid that much is beyond me. I mean, it’s not like they have a talent they’re being compensated for…they just happened to be blessed genetically.

  3. Heidi

    We lived in a really screwed up world when you make $33 million for being a human coat hanger and less than $30 thousand for being a teacher. Oh, but I forget in today’s society it’s alright to be dumb as a box of hammer handles as long as you look good.

  4. 33 Million? I thought she was unemployed these days.

    I’d rather see Adriana Lima, anyway.

  5. T-Bone

    She must look better in person.

  6. jackierabbit

    33 mil and yet is still a c*nt homewrecker..

  7. Diana

    33 million dollar dollars? Shouldn’t the $ be removed?

  8. Kait

    This is very, very wonderful news about a true beauty and model of human decency. Now can we please stop being subjected to her ubiquitous Vogue Eyewear ad. It was dramatic the first three times. It lost its power sometime in the next 33,000. I promise you–I will now never be tempted to buy anything from Vogue Eyewear.

  9. Laura

    Imagine what she could make if she were actually pretty.

  10. no one told someobdy to become a teacher not that its not appreciated but entertainers athletes and models included income cannot be looked at on the same spectrum. They are an ‘escape” from life’s regualarities watch a movie or a game or go shopping and small impact from alot of people equals big bucks. So being smart in all technicalities is also being genetically blessed or inheriting something

  11. ZeldaF

    Heidi, I agree TOTALLY with you. Where is the rationality for such wealth / compensation??? Sasha, for goodness sakes, I BEG of you, please learn how to use puncuation. Your ramblings make NO SENSE at all. ((Although I’m sure you’re a very nice girl)).

  12. Joya

    i like her. i’m not gonna hate on her success.

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