Giselle Bundchen Sings!

December 19th, 2005 // 5 Comments

At least she wasn’t attempting to act. Was anyone at Stereo for this show? I need details.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. GirlyGirl

    She also dates Kelly Slater. Who- next to Laird- is (no shit) the hottest surfer in the world.

    And I like my man in Versace and all- but to cop to the ugly truth- when I see a hottie stripped down to his board shorts riding a big-ass wave well, it just makes my girly parts tingle…

  2. SMroxs

    When she’s not all glammed up Gisele looks relatively down to earth pretty, which is nice. She doesn’t look permanently bitchy like a lot of her peers. As for her being able to sing, well, given the choice of her or Paris Hilton I’d rather have Gisele use her celebrity to land a contract and produce mediocre music than Paris.

  3. Lanny Earth

    gisele’s the hottest
    quit bitchin bout her u jealous asses

  4. BULGARIan

    Multi-talented, eh?
    She’s in the top 5 of the most adorable models to me. Keep it up Gis^^


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