Gisele Bundchen’s Puppy Wants Nothing To Do With That

Here’s some snaps of Gisele Bundchen and guyfriend Tom Brady going on about their daily business. Because they’re normal. Tom Brady came out of her West Village apartment with some shirts. Gisele had her dog, and her dog carrier or is that just a really big purse? Their car picked them up, and Gisele got out at the studio of photographer Patrick Demarchelier in Chelsea.

That dog wants no part of that carrier. He’s looking at it like “bitch, are you for real?” Props to Tom for taking his shirts to the cleaner by himself. It’s probably how he reminds himself that he’s not an immortal god. Well that, and getting his ass beat at the Superbowl.


9 more photos of Tom Brady with his laundry and Gisele Bundchen with her puppy after the jump.

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