Gisele Bundchen Talks Marriage, Modeling and Motherhood

In a recent interview with Harpers Bazaar, newly married Giesele Bundchen spills open her 6-foot-tall, 28-year-old shell and
reveals that there’s actually a real person in there.  I know, I was
hoping it was just air too.  Check out highlights from the interview

She doesn’t like being called a “supermodel”:
“I really don’t feel like that word. It doesn’t resonate for me. It
doesn’t define me.  As long as I’m a good person and I do
things from the heart, that’s all that matters.”

She was approached for modeling at age 13:
“Maybe if my family had been
wealthy, I wouldn’t have done it, but because they weren’t, I decided
to go.  I thought I could take care
of myself and it would be one less child for them to worry about.”

Someone Called her Ugly (!):
“I’ll never
forget the day when a woman came up to me and said, ‘No, you could
never be on a magazine cover. Your face features don’t work; your eyes
are small, you have a small face but a big nose.’ I was only 14 and I
had never noticed any of that stuff, you know?”

Tom Brady is basically an eight-year-old boy:
“He has a very pure
heart. He’s very naive, almost like a child. That is my favorite
quality about him.  He’s very strong
and focused in his job, but he’s so sensitive, it’s amazing.”

Surprise, she wants kids:
“I want to have a big family.  My parents have been together
for 36 years, and that is what I want.  I’ve been challenged a lot by it, but it’s
the most rewarding part. I love kids. It’s amazing
that I have the opportunity to hang out with my stepson all the time.”

Speaking of that stepson… Gisele says everything’s cool with Tom’s ex, Bridget Moynahan, because Tom didn’t know she was pregnant until after
he dumped her.  Plus, Gisele sent over a fruit basket as a peace
offering.  I’m guessing it was some some magic fruit, with edible unicorns and leprechauns too.

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