Gisele Bundchen and Karl Lagerfeld Are Not On Team Anorexia

On the issue of anorexia, Giselle Bundchen staunchly defends the industry in which she has made her fortune. Putting the blame soley on the shoulders of the family dynamic, she states:

“I never suffered from this problem (anorexia) because I had a very strong family base. Parents are responsible, not the fashion industry,” she said in the Friday edition of O Globo newspaper.

And, honestly, I do think she has a point that the strength of the family structure probably does play a significant role in the development of eating disorders in individuals. It’s when she goes on to say…

“But excuse me, there are people born with the right genes for this profession.”

…that I get SUPER annoyed. (Get it? Cause she’s a “super” model. Sigh.) But no one can top good ol’, well-researched Karl Lagerfeld and his insights into the subject, when he says:

“We don’t see anorexic (girls),” he told Reuters. “The girls are skinny. They have skinny bones.”

That’s because they’ve wasted away to nothing, Karl. But, to be fair, perhaps his sunglasses are simply too dark.

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