Gisele Bundchen’s Shady

March 24th, 2006 // 13 Comments

Or more precisely, Gisele Bündchen unveils the S/S 2006 Vogue eyewear ad campaign. She’s pretty.

More photos of Gisele Bundchen and her sunglasses, after the jump.

(Images via JJB)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. doofus

    yeah, she’s pretty…she also has an excellent plastic surgeon.

    anyone else besides me see the “before” pics? she was by no means UGLY, but she was not nearly as pretty as she is now.

  2. katie


  3. CanadaRules

    well, if she has had plastic surgery, it is an example of “good” plastic surgery, because her face still retains its distinctness. although some say she looks harsh and manly, i think she’s gorgeous. her face still has personality, and it still looks like her (too bad for Jenn Grey that you can’t “take it back”).

  4. Jepp, she had a way bigger nose and smaller boobs. That’s her secret of beauty.

  5. pook

    she is so ugly. I’m sorry but i just dont see what you guys are talking about. And she looks cross eyed in that close up picture which i also dont consider hot.

  6. sugarsmacks

    She’s got a big nose and a really abnormally long torso. She’s boring looking.

    People that emulate her are lame….especially Canadian girls that are attention-seeking twits. I heard Vancouver has a lot of them.

  7. Canada Rules

    Sugarsmacks, don’t make me laugh.
    Canadian girls trying to “emulate” Gisele Bundchen? What does that mean? How do you emulate a “big nose” and “long torso”. And you “heard” that these emulators are especially prevalent in Vancouver. lmao. As for fashion, she’s not known for any distinct look to copy.

  8. Nazi hunter

    I’ve always wondered why a woman with a German name ended up in Brazil. I wonder what her family history is.

  9. Javier

    Many WW2 refugees ended up in Brazil and Argentina after the war. Hence alot of people in those countries have German/Itallian last names.

    Also, what are all of you people complaining about??? Envious of her? Mad you can’t have her??? She’s gorgeous!!! What you wouln’t give for one night with her!!

  10. neeshad patel

    i would let her take a dump on me….just to watch

  11. Mavado

    She wishes she looked like Adriana Lima.

  12. Sensible

    You people are all retarded. She looks as she’s always looked, and she’s gorgeous.

    Nazi Hunter, do you know anything about Brazil? You should maybe read a little more world history.

  13. doofus

    to “sensible”…

    I suggest you take a look at her pics on

    because she most certainly does NOT look the way she’s always looked. her nose was done, and she got implants.

    again, this is not to say she was ugly before the surgery, just that she’s much prettier now.

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