Gisele Bundchen Goes To The Beach

January 25th, 2006 // 11 Comments

We are assuming that Gisele isn’t resting up for Rio de Janeiro’s biannual fashion show that features prostitutes strutting down the runway.

In an open-air show in the center of the city famous for Carnival jamborees, prostitutes from Davida — a non-governmental organization that defends the rights of sex service workers — presented their brand of clothing to cheers from hundreds of onlookers and camera flashes.

“We managed to get recognized. Our working clothes exploit sensuality and fetish,” said Doroth de Castro, a self-described veteran prostitute and co-founder of Davida. The line’s brand name, Daspu, is a play on “Daslu,” the name of Brazil’s most expensive boutique.

Even spectators from the upscale Fashion Rio events cut away to catch the Davida show on a purple-carpeted, narrow street in central Rio, off a square where prostitutes typically solicit customers.

“We’re thin, fat, old and young. Not like those models that are all thin,” de Castro said. “We have flesh that men like.” Apart from dresses designed to lure clients, the Davida group also makes casual wear for activist work, such as AIDS prevention.

More photos of Gisele Bundchen frolicking on the beach after the jump.

Move over, Gisele! Rio prostitutes strut their stuff [Ely Times & County]

(Images via JJB)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Ava Verhaal

    Wrong information!!! The group is called “Daspu”. The group of prostitutes. It’s a joke with a fancy, expensive shop called “Daslu”, so their poor and prostitutes “Daspu” cause in portuguese whore means “Puta”

  2. Erica

    I just hate that I’m at work and she’s on the beach!

  3. MJ

    I know its so freakin’ depressing that while I’m typing out briefs, and answering motions, this girl is sunbathing. God! I wish I could be 6 inches taller and a model… and have no brain.

  4. Fugly Girl

    “We’re thin, fat, old and young. Not like these models that are all thin,” de Castro said. “We have flesh that men like.”

    Oh yes, I’m sure hoards of men would take a fat old nasty prostitute over Gisele any day of the week. In fact, I hear the stampede now!

  5. damn22516

    Maybe yuo’ll have some vacation time if you work more on your briefs instead of hating on beautiful people!!! You are just some fat bitch that sits in your trailer eating little debbie snacks

  6. Lea

    There are so many nore beautiful Brazilian women then this skinny stick who is actually of German blood – not a tad of Brazilian blood in her. She is totally Aryan yet she is being touted as a Brazilian just cause she has blue eyes and blond hair and that is considered better. There are black and brown Brazilian women who are more beautiful and they don’t make half of what she makes. Give me a break. If you want to see real Brazilian beauty – go down to Carnival in Rio and you would not believe your eyes.

  7. Sith Lord

    Her bottom is kind of nice…and you know what they say (and I know to be true) about Brazilian women…

  8. pillow

    Umm… obviously you are too stupid lea, to know there is no such thing as ‘Brazilian blood’… its a nationality… so basically, gisele IS Brazilian, like every other Italian, spanish, japanese whatever.. person there is.

  9. Lea

    Pillow: There is such a thing as Brazilian blood when it comes to racial definitions. Brazilians are of mixed race. Brazil is one of the biggest melting pots. Actually, Brazil is famous for its racial distinctions based on the percentage of racial “blood” you have. Kinda of like the “Octoroons, Creoles, etc” of New Orleans. Part of those gross distinctions comes from the fact that it was the last country to ban slavery. The Brazilians are actually made up of various races, the majority are “Mestizo” mixed and a large number are black etc. Brazilians are technically of the Latino race – mestizo or black race. So when one refers to Brazilians, this mix comes to mind. There are Whites, obviously who are born in Brazil but they are considered just that – whites born in Brazil.

    Brazil is notorious for giving preference to those whites born in Brazil over the brown and black Brazilians who have been in that country for centuries. DO your homework. Gisele is a white girl born in Brazil. Her parents are white germans. She has no racial mix that assumes the various races of Brazil that would make her Mestiza. She is a European transport. She is of Brazilian nationality but not of Brazilian “blood”.

    So DUMB ASS, shut up!

  10. erhm?

    The above comment is stupid. She’s from Brazil, so they call her Brazilian.

    Blonde or darker doesn’t matter when you’re pretty. My family is from Russia, but I was born in the US, so if I were a model, I would want to be an American model, thankyouverymuch.

    You’re being quite ethically-biased.

  11. duh

    i think what is being said is even if she is brazilian, she is white. why can’t they find a dark brazilian that looks like the majority of brazilians?

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