Gisele Bundchen Goes To The Beach

We are assuming that Gisele isn’t resting up for Rio de Janeiro’s biannual fashion show that features prostitutes strutting down the runway.

In an open-air show in the center of the city famous for Carnival jamborees, prostitutes from Davida — a non-governmental organization that defends the rights of sex service workers — presented their brand of clothing to cheers from hundreds of onlookers and camera flashes.

“We managed to get recognized. Our working clothes exploit sensuality and fetish,” said Doroth de Castro, a self-described veteran prostitute and co-founder of Davida. The line’s brand name, Daspu, is a play on “Daslu,” the name of Brazil’s most expensive boutique.

Even spectators from the upscale Fashion Rio events cut away to catch the Davida show on a purple-carpeted, narrow street in central Rio, off a square where prostitutes typically solicit customers.

“We’re thin, fat, old and young. Not like those models that are all thin,” de Castro said. “We have flesh that men like.” Apart from dresses designed to lure clients, the Davida group also makes casual wear for activist work, such as AIDS prevention.

More photos of Gisele Bundchen frolicking on the beach after the jump.

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(Images via JJB)