I Want Gisele’s Water Dress, Not the Sandals

May 29th, 2008 // 18 Comments

Gisele Bundchen is the new model for Olang, a company that is obviously trying to use sex to sell their sandals.

In their newest ad, Gisele is seen wearing nothing but the sandals and a splash of H20. Hot!

So hot, in fact, that it took me quite a while before I even noticed the footwear. Now I’m thirsty.

This ad does a much better job promoting water than it does the shoes. Then again, the readers of blogs everywhere now know the brand even exists.

That’s why I love Tom Brady and Gisele. These two definitely aren’t afraid to share the hotness of their significant other with the world.

By Intern Traci

  1. JLS

    Sorry – she’s overpriced, sandles are overpriced.And not to mentions she’d airbrushed to death.

  2. Cat

    I’m so with JLS on this one!! yeah buddy bring on the brushups ups ups. She ain’t all that in person, perhaps on paper/websites, but that it, nothing buts that. Can’t touch it like MC Hammer says….heh heh hehe nah that trash Gisle need to do better and plus make it afforable. Bye!

  3. S_M_G

    I hate her. She looks amazing! Not fair!

  4. Zelda F.

    Looks to me like they airbrushed her down to a little pin head…….. Than noggin’ looks really small for the body….

  5. sandy

    yep,she is not that curvy at all
    dream on ho

  6. say what?

    uh, yeah, there’s no way her boobs are that big.

    and they touched her up to the point that she doesn’t look like herself…her face is changed. she almost looks like Beyonce.

  7. peachpie

    lol who the f cares if it’s airbrushed or not? it’s a cool ad, and i dig it.

  8. Zekers

    Agreed peachpie. Besides, couldn’t we all do with a little airbrushing??? S_M_G is the only honest one here!

  9. absinthe78

    BUT FYI: these ads are way old & she
    actually designed the ugly ass sandals

  10. say what?

    so the people commenting on the airbrushing aren’t being honest?

    I agree that she looks great, but I’m sure as hell not going to “ooo” and “ahhh” over a woman who only looks so good BECAUSE she’s airbrushed to the point that she doesn’t even look like herself. how does that make sense?

    yeah, looks good…but only because the person in that ad DOESN’T look like Giselle.

  11. peachpie

    i’m not ooh-ing and ahh-ing over some crazy blonde model…. i’m ooh-ing and ahh-ing over a a freaking dress MADE OF WATER!! it’s awesome! and i want one. stat. lol

  12. say what?

    not directed at you, peach.

    I agree, the ad concept is cool. never said otherwise.

  13. peachpie

    it’s all good, say what? :) i’m just crazy for that dress lol

  14. Zekers

    The thing is Say What, all of the stick-women are airbrushed, like mom always said, no one is perfect. I don’t care one way or another about Gisele, but I’d be the first to admit that she is uniquely attractive and has a great body. I appreciated the fact that S_M_G didn’t feel the need to nitpick-I found it refreshingly honest…she just put it out there!

    Does that answer your question?

  15. Jeanie

    I don’t think those sandals match the water dress.

  16. peachpie

    LOL Jeanie! good call!

  17. T-Bone

    In my humble opinion ;) the water dress is very cool but Giselle is just sort of so-so, as far as models go.

    The sandals??? Pretty sure I see similar footing in just about every store I walk by.

  18. Marigona

    The water dres is very beautiful I like it so and sandals are cool.

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