Gisele Bündchen and LeBron James Vogue Cover Controversy

I think I’ve already seen quite a few sites covering the topic of Vogue’s most recent cover, featuring LeBron James and model Gisele Bündchen. And, it’s started a bit of a controversy, with some claiming that the depiction of LeBron and Giselle is racist by showing James in a King Kong-like pose, embracing a white woman à la Fay Wray.

Personally, I think it’s much ado about nothing, with Giselle looking more like a perfectly content piece of arm candy on the arm of a professional athlete (which she is in real life) than an actual “damsel in distress.” And don’t most athletes like to portray themselves as menacing forces of nature when they’re on the court/field/pitch/wherever it is they’re competing? More than anything, his stance reminds me of the Maori Haka dance that the New Zealand rugby team does before their matches to intimidate the opposing team. And as for Gisele, she’s just smiling and looking pretty, which is pretty much her job description.

But I’d much rather hear what you guys have to say about it, so comment away!

In any case, Vogue sure is enjoying a hell of a lot free publicity.


8 more photos of Gisele Bunchen launching the Vogue Eyewear Play Everyday Campaign at the Atzaro Hotel in Ibiza, Spain after the jump.

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