Gisele Bundchen May Be Expecting Child Number Two, Hides Baby Bump [PHOTOS]

Tom & Benjamin's Day Out
Daddy Brady Takes Little Guy Ben Out To The Market
32-year-old Gisele Bundchen recently showed off her skinny frame at the Met Ball looking sleek and sexy. But the friend and Givenchy designer of her gorgeous black gown, Ricard Tisci, says the model’s body has changed since her last fitting. According to Daily Mail, Gisele revealed to him that she is two months along in the pregnancy of her second child with husband Tom Brady.

Seen here, the gorgeous Brazilian model Gisele Bundchen takes her two-year-old son, Benjamin Brady, to play at a park near their home in Boston, Massachusetts on May 30th. Gisele is wearing a pretty colorful scarf with her black blouse and could be hiding a newly forming baby bump. Ben looks adorable with his long tufted hair while munching on a cupcake. Another Brady boy should prove to be just as adorable as their older brother.