Gisele Bundchen Brave Some Cold For Her Very Snazzy Photoshoot

Gisele Hangs With The Fam
Gisele spends a day at the park with Tom & the kiddies.
This is Gisele Bundchen. She is a famous model.

And today she was getting paid the big bucks to do her modeling thing in Boston. How convenient, getting some work done in the city her husband works in.

And if folks are to be believed it wasn’t even a nice fun day. It was cold! And you know what’s terrible? Cold! Also, I think the outfit on the right is her “I’m going home” outfit. 

I find it amusing that it looks almost as good as her work outfit. So, is that a rule with supermodels? You always have to be on your game even if you’re just heading out for a few minutes with your son–I’m looking at you, Miranda Kerr.

Aw Gisele. So pretty. So perfect. Even her H&M bikini ads are more magical that most things. As long as she doesn’t sing, we’re all good. Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of Gisele on set today. Thoughts on her outfits? I for one love the boots she’s modeling.