Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady Have Baby Vivian Baptized In The Same Church Where They Were Married

Gisele Hangs With The Fam
Gisele spends a day at the park with Tom & the kiddies.
I don’t usually think of baptisms as the most exciting of events (I’m pretty sure baby me screamed my way through mine), but somehow the baptism of this famous baby seems a little bit more exciting.

Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady took their baby daughter Vivian Brady to get baptized this weekend, and the three of them made quite a stunning trio. The baptism took place at St. Monica’s Church in Santa Monica, California, the same church where the gorgeous celebrity couple were married. That church is becoming quite the family affair for these guys. 

Gisele dressed baby Vivian just as fashionably as she dresses herself. Vivian wore a white frilly dress with a pink bow, which looked lovely against her blonde hair. With such a stylish mom, this little girl is set for life.

Gisele looked just as fabulous as her little girl, dressed in floral capri pants, a white top, and a white blazer, paired with red heeled sandals. I adore those sandals. Nice choice, Gisele.

While Tom and Gisele seemed unamused with the cameras and attention, Vivian, as usual, was all about them. Practically every shot taken of her she’s staring straight at the camera, and this isn’t the first time that she’s worked it for the paparazzi. This is a baby who knows what she’s doing. It’s only fitting that she stole the show on her big day. Congrats, baby Vivian!