Gisele Bundchen And Baby Vivian Visit The Lourve In Paris

Gisele Walks In Paris
Gisele walks the runway for Givenchy
Supermodel Gisele Bundchen took her daughter Vivian Lake Brady for a stroll outside Louvre Museum yesterday (June 20, 2013) in Paris, France.

Giselle played the part of tourist, taking pictures of herself, little Vivian and friends as they walked around the grounds.

The day before, Gisele shared a mommy-and-me yoga photo via Instagram with the caption… 

“Practicing yoga with my little partner before going to work”

Because of the photo alone, she was one of the most popular searches on the internet Thursday.

The power of Gisele Bundchen and her baby. Check out all the cute pics of the pair in Paris by launching the gallery.

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